Writing multi-part question Essay

Writing multi-part question Essay

I want a half-page and single-spaced.

To achieve serious carbon reductions, we will have to use a “portfolio” method, where all levels of government can get involved in areas where they have power to make regulations. Cities all over the world are leading the charge on climate reductions–here are 3 podcasts from different angles–listen to the one that aligns with your interest, or listen to them all! Discuss the following questions, bringing perspectives from any of the podcasts or your experiences:

What is the legal authority of cities to enact policies to reduce GHG emissions or adapt to climate change?
What are the practical (physical/tech/historical) reason that cities are positioned to enact policies that can create significant reductions in GHG emissions or adapt to climate change?
What are the values-based reasons for cities to enact policies that can create significant reductions in GHG emissions or adapt to climate change?
Are there any limitations to cities enacting climate policy? What are they and how can they be overcome?
Podcast options:

The Elephant podcast (Links to an external site.) (28 min—also found wherever you get fine podcasts).
And if you like visuals, here’s the podcast with photos of city innovations: How Cities Are Leading The Way on Climate – Mark Watts of the C40 (Links to an external site.)
Mark Watts has a really interesting perspective on why cities create a “race to the top,” innovating for cooperation and competition, in contrast to the difficulty in reaching consensus on an international level with nations.
Resources Radio (Feb. 2021). Hug a Bus: How Cities are Tackling Climate Change, with David Miller (Links to an external site.) (34 min, transcript on website)
David Miller talks about the responsibility of cities to deliver what their residents want for quality of life.
Environmental Law Institute People Places Planet Podcast. (June 2020). Remarkable Cities and the Fight Against Climate Change (Links to an external site.) (30 min).
Jonathan Rosenbloom discusses changes in city ordinances that are almost “plug-and-play” for reducing emissions and adapting to climate impacts based on what they need.
Requirements: Half page or above, single spaced | .doc file

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