Workplace Violence-Preventing and Improving the Outcomes

     After discussing different aspects of change with my preceptor, we discovered ways to improve my evidence-based practice implementation. Developing an evidence-based change proposal can be challenging in any aspect. One financial aspect of preventing and managing workplace violence is hiring more security guards to be present in difficult situations. Also, having security guards that are properly trained to intervene and provide interventions to help hospital staff when needed with the use of restraints or the use of physically restraining a difficult patient that is causing disruption and health care staff are unable to safely care for the patient. Improving a quality aspect of workplace violence would be to decrease the rates of WPV, promote a safe working environment with signage and verbal reminders. Workplace violence can be in the form of verbal, confrontation, harassment, intimidation, and physical violence. All these forms of violence can cause harm emotionally and physically to nurses, physicians and other healthcare providers. Reporting of these incidents can help with collecting data and this data should be reported and analyzed by management teams for incident tracking. Due to the limited reporting of incidents, staff should be better trained and educated on the need for reporting (Alqahtani, Alsaleem & Qassem, 2020). With these quality improvements, we can create a safer healthcare organization. A clinical aspect of managing workplace violence in the workplace is ensuring proper training, real-life scenarios and providing a safe workplace environment free from potential hazards. Administration teams and management teams need to provide the proper training, in order for nurses to be better prepared for violence and how to handle each situation.  My implementation of creating a zero-tolerance for violence in the Emergency Department will help create a safer environment.  Nurses are constantly being abused physically and verbally and increasing awareness, reporting and training can hopefully help reduce the number of incidents.

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