Week 6 Discussion: Writing Help

In this week’s assignment, you will prepare two appendices which will be included in your research proposal:

1. Prepare a timeline/Gantt chart showing the major steps that you anticipate using in your research project during the EMPA 396 course. This project timeline can be used for planning purposes. The timeline should be developed using a Gantt chart or other suitable scheduling media. This is your opportunity to create a plan for the full 8-week semester of their EMPA 396 course in this week’s assignment. 

A copy of your Gantt chart should be included in this posting (as an attachment) and as an appendix in the submission of your final paper for the EMPA 301 course as well.

2. Provide or develop the actual instrumentation (questions) for primary data collection. The data collection strategy may include surveys, key informant interviews, focus groups, case studies, ethnographies, or a combination of these approaches. Well-developed questions will be an important part of each of these strategies. Please post these as text in the discussion forum.

Things to consider when preparing your data collection instrument (questions):

In your chapter three you will provide a well-organized description of your proposed strategies for selecting a sample and ensuring credible response rates for your primary data collection. This will include a Population Sampling Strategy: Describe how you will select your sample. How will you gather data? Also, explain how you will adapt your questions to the type of data collection methodology you have chosen and the types of respondents in your study. What number of responses will you set as your goal? (For surveys, it is ideal to have at least 100 responses, for key informant interviews, at least 10 to 15 are recommended).

Hint: If you plan to use surveys you can use online solutions like surveymonkey.com; survio.com; surveygizmo.com. To deploy your survey, you can use email distribution lists in organizations, or even use nextdoor.com to gather data within a fixed geographic location).

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