The process of nursing research are assessment, planning, intervention, and evaluation.

The process of nursing research are assessment, planning, intervention, and evaluation. Nursing research process is aligned with the steps of the nursing process as it involves the assessment of a person or a population in order to identify the situation. The literature is then reviewed in order to gather more data, and identification of variables are made. The formulation of a plan on how to collect data is made such as the utilization of resources, like recording through pen and paper. Intervention is where the collection of the data happens, this where the interview is done in order for data to be collected. Evaluation is where data is analyzation and interpretation occurs and the findings are communicated in order to understand resulting information.

The nursing research relates to evidence-based practice as it is backed up by science and facts in conducting a nursing research as well as looking for evidences that is scientifically backed up in order to pave the way for quality healthcare services to be delivered. (Butler, 2020). This relates towards patient care as it enables patient care to have more quality through utilizing its research findings because with those research findings more knowledge will be integrated with the healthcare services resulting in better quality of healthcare services being delivered to patients or the population in order for them to achieve optimum health status.

The application of nursing research can be applied towards the clinical problem that I found which is obesity through the research findings gathered from the nursing research as it will enable more knowledge and facts to be identified such as how food choices greatly impacts the chances of having obesity through researching what a patient or what the population’s food choices are. (Lazarou and Kouta, 2010).  It will enable to identify what’s causing obesity to occur, with those findings as well as the treatment to prevent obesity and other health problems that may arise from obesity through scientific knowledge gathered that is current about the relationship of diet with being obese through modifications of their food choices in their diet. With this information, incorporating healthier food choices in their meals, their diet will be significantly improved resulting in a healthier weight as well as less health issues that arise from it. The research findings paved the way to improving their health status through delivering more quality healthcare services by conducting health teachings. (Lazarou and Kouta, 2010.). 


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Nursing research has become an increasingly crucial aspect of the nursing career. “Nursing research develops knowledge about health and the promotion of health over of the full lifespan, care of persons with health problems and disabilities, and nursing actions to enhance the ability of individuals to respond effectively to actual or potential health problems” (Institute of Medicine, 1983). Nursing research can work hand-in-hand with biomedical research, which includes the broad area that explores ways to prevent and treat diseases that cause illness and death in humans and animals. The goals of nursing research include promotion of health, preventing illness, decreasing negative health impact, and designing and developing health care systems (Institute of Medicine, 1983). Evidence is when there is a collection of facts. Evidence-based practice includes a systematic search for critical appraisal of the most relevant research. (Melnyk, B.M., 2015). Regarding nursing research, it is very important to gather relevant and factual information. This is because, the process of nursing research will eventually affect the lives of patients in the care of nurses or other healthcare providers, therefore relevant and factual information will promote patient quality care. Although they seem different, nursing research and evidence-based practice have a very important relationship. Nursing research would not be successful without evidence-based practice, because without it there would not be a clear and effective translation of factual evidence into nursing practice. It is also important to effectively implement the findings of nursing research. During my clinical placement for OB last term, I was able to see a teenage post-partum patient. There is a lot of nursing research, regarding adolescent patient teaching during pregnancy, because they are such a vulnerable population. According to JOGNN, pregnant adolescents have less life experiences that adult pregnant woman, therefore it is very important to support and provide extensive teaching to this population (Montgomery, K. S. n.d). Nursing research articles like such, provide a lot of evidence and general accurate information. In my case, I remember doing some research on the best ways to provide teaching to pregnant teenagers, and nursing research articles can be very beneficial.


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