SOLUTION: JS 100W San Jose State University Recent Hate Crime on Asian Community Discussion

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Recent Hate crime on Asian community – Outline
I. Introduction
a. Hook: Hate crimes against Asians has existed for many years and for different reasons. But
most of them either goes unreported due to Asians not wanting any trouble or the law
enforcement authorities do not consider them as hate crimes. Even when racial slurs are used
during the attacks, they are still not considered hate crimes.
b. Context: According to statistics, there are over 2,500 reported cases in the USA but only a few
of them are haired on the mainstream media. Some people are angry about COVID-19 and blame
all Chinese people so they go out attacking them. Due to their inability to differentiate between
Asian ethnicities, they just attack and blame all Asians they come across. Other communities like
the blacks hate Asians due to the discriminatory practices and oppression of black people in
Asian countries.
c. Thesis: For several reasons including COVID1-19 and discrimination of non-Asians in Asian
countries, there is an increase in the rate of hate crimes towards Asian communities not only in
United States but also other countries around the world.
II. First body paragraph
a. Evidence #1: The increasing rate of hate crimes towards Asian communities results from the
surge of COVID-19 in many countries. In the United States, harassment and discrimination
towards Asian communities have increased since they are mostly blamed for the COVID-19
pandemic and the deaths of many people.
b. Tie Back: According to research conducted the Stop AAPI Hate organization, there have been
more than 1000 physical and verbal …

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