Sample Marketing Research Paper on Consumer Behavior Process

Consumer Behavior Process

Consumer behavior is the process that individuals go through when making a purchase. Clients go through five steps when making a purchase, including need recognition, evaluation of alternatives, post-purchase evaluation, purchase, and information search. However, they do not necessarily follow the given order when purchasing since their decision can be based on the product or the price. Wal-Mart sells many products from different brands at affordable prices, thus attracting many members of the community. The store serves hundreds of customers daily. I shop for my clothes from the store in the afternoon during the weekends.

While doing my jeans shopping, I met another customer at the Jeans aisle who approached and asked me the brand of jeans I prefer and why. I told her the brand I prefer and gave her several reasons why that brand of jeans is better than the other brands. After our talk, she picked three pairs of jeans from the brand I had recommended and placed them in her shopping cart. When I finished my Jeans shopping, I went to the food section where I met a couple looking for canned beans. I heard the woman tell the man to pick a certain brand since their prices were lower. As I moved to the front to pay for my goods, I noticed a big group of women picking up diapers at a stand. There was a big placard as well as a branded wall of the products and the prices. Marketers utilize consumer behavior to sell their products because, through understanding consumer behavior, they can sway clients to purchase their products.

Consumers make purchases based on the information available about the products. Individuals search for information about the goods they want to buy from family, friends, and other reliable sources. There are two types of information searches; internal and external. Internal information search involves relying on past experiences with the product. External search involves relying on an outside environment (East, Singh, Wright &Vanhuele, 2016). The lady I met at the Jeans aisle was looking to purchase good quality jeans at an affordable price. She told me that she had purchased another brand of jeans some months before, and they had all faded within a short period. The jeans had also lost their elasticity. The lady had relied on her experience with the other brand to ensure that she does not make the same mistake. When she approached me for advice, she was relying on the external environment to gather information about the jeans she needs to acquire.

The best way for marketers to cater to information need is to establish their brand. An external source of information may not necessarily be a stranger, but it can also be the result of a Google search. Brands can aim to be part of Google Trusted Store so that they can make their presence visible to everyone. Moreover, becoming a Google Trusted Store improves the brands’ ranking on search engines. The higher a brand ranks, the higher the chances of it being chosen by customers (East, Singh, Wright &Vanhuele, 2016). Advertising is one way of getting information about a given brand out to consumers. Moreover, brands need to ensure that they provide products that match up to the consumer’s expectations so that these consumers can talk to other consumers about the products.

Consumers purchase products out of need. The purchase process begins when the consumer identifies that there is a problem that needs a solution. Marketers take time to create a problem for the consumers, whether the consumer is aware that the problem exists or not. The marketers then move on to provide a solution to the problem they identify. Consumers, at many times, are not aware that a problem exists until a product that claims to deal with a given problem is launched into the market (Khan, 2004). Organizations that cater to this need begin by content marketing. Individuals need to be aware of the product and the solution it offers, and this information can be made available through advertising and product placement. Brands should share information about their products on various platforms to attract the customers. Asking consumers questions can also help pull them gather information about what are the problems with the products and how to fix the problem.

The couple at the food aisle needed several cans of canned beans that would last them for a long period, but their major problem was money. I observed the couple move to the brand that the woman had pointed out without looking at other brands because they were already aware it was cheaper. I had seen a television advert about the product. Moreover, when I was browsing online, I had seen a pop-up advert about the same brand. The brand had also put up billboards about its product, talking about their reduced prices. The concept of catering to a need also applied to the diapers brand that was selling their diapers at a considerably lower price than other products. The placard was positioned immediately after the entrance, and the placement of the brands stand a few steps from the entrance also ensured that the product was visible to the consumers. Stores utilize space, adverts, and product placement to sway consumers to purchase certain products. Marketers place products that they give priority where consumers can easily see them (East, Singh, Wright & Vanhuele, 2016). Areas such as the front aisles and the entrances are reserved for highly preferred goods. In the diapers brand case, it is evident that the brand was collaborating with the store to ensure that its products are visible to the consumers. Moreover, stores allow brands to advertise their products within the store for a fee. Many consumers will purchase products whose information is readily available, which is why brands make themselves visible to their clients up to the last minute of purchase.

Consumer behavior is the stages consumers pass through when buying products. There are five stages of consumer behavior, and they include, purchase, evaluation of alternatives, need identification, and post-purchase evaluation and information search. Marketers utilize consumer behavior to identify methods to utilize to sway people to consume their products. Some of the methods marketers utilize to make their brands visible include content marketing and collaboration with stores and other brands.


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