Sample Admission Essay on Professional Advocacy Discussion

Professional Advocacy Discussion

Pharmacists are essential in healthcare as they ensure that patients get the right medication to manage their symptoms. They check the prescriptions made by physicians or other healthcare practitioners before dispensing drugs and in some cases make suggest alternative drugs that can be used when the drugs required are not available. Their collaboration with other healthcare practitioners promotes the quality of healthcare services offered to patients.

The most important reason for advocating for the pharmacy profession is based on promoting proper prescription and correct dispensation of drugs to patients by individuals who are well trained to determine the possible effects that drugs can have on different populations. There are cases where physicians have prescribed the right drugs for managing a condition to a patient with complications that would affect the effectiveness of the drug or result in adverse reactions. As such, advocating for the pharmacy profession is important because pharmacists are trained to understand the actions and interactions of different drugs and can assist other healthcare professionals in reducing the rates of mortality associated with medication errors.

Advocacy is a form of spreading awareness and ensures that people understand the importance of the pharmacy profession. Advocating for this profession will increase the number of people interested in studying pharmaceutical sciences and the number of pharmacies working in healthcare settings. It will also reduce instances where unqualified or untrained individuals take up pharmaceutical roles in health settings, a problem, which contributes to the improper dispensation of drugs. I plan to advocate for the pharmacy profession by education the people around me about the importance of hiring qualified pharmacists and the need to integrate pharmacists in multidisciplinary healthcare teams that care for patients.

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