Sample Admission Essay on Advertising and Promotion

Advertising and Promotion

The promotion mix is the integration of different tools of communication for the presentation of a business, products, or services aimed at targeting customers. Effective promotion is an essential component of the marketing mix and is the element that helps in attracting customers. The promotion mix entails sales promotion, advertising, public relations, and personal selling. The promotion mix has great influence and effectiveness for retailers’ communication with the consumers.

The promotion mix element of personal selling can be used by retailers in communicating with consumers through direct communication and interaction with them. Personal selling also entails the presentation of products to consumers based on two-way communication. It also involves educating the consumers about the products and assisting them to buy (Jaideep, 2020). Sales promotion on the other hand helps retailers communicate to the consumers through incentives, seasonal discounts, trade shows, and discounts that help in attracting the consumers to purchase their goods and services. The retailers also through maintaining a constructive relationship with consumers help in communicating to them through interactions such as contacting the consumers and responding to their feedback.

The elements of the promotion mix which are the most effective include personal selling, advertising. Personal selling is effective because it involves two-way communications between the retailer and the consumer and the feedback is measurable (Jaideep, 2020). Besides, the personal presentation of goods and services to consumers is a major way of influencing the customers and an easy way of convincing them of the quality of the product. Advertising on the other hand, is effective because the retailer can gather a large audience through mass communication and it can be reproduced regularly depending on the need.

An effective promotion mix is a vital part in marketing strategies, and product differentiation. The promotion mix aims at creating awareness, getting consumers to try their products, and educating and providing information to consumers about the products and services. Therefore, selection of a combination of the most effective elements from the promotion mix is essential for the retailers.


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