Nursing is a challenging profession, adapting and overcoming changes, implementations and handling difficult situations.

Nursing is a challenging profession, adapting and overcoming changes, implementations and handling difficult situations. The “annual rate of violent victimization for nurses and physicians was 8.1 and 10.1, respectively, per 1,000 workers compared with 5.1 for all occupations” (Copeland, 2017). Every day nurses, doctors, and health care providers are abused in some way and I want it to stop. I was inspired by this project idea from a recent situation of workplace violence. Actually, for the last few months, I have been faced with difficult situations including confrontation, being yelled at, and called terrible names that no one should deal with, all while just trying to do my job. The most recent situation that I was involved in was where I was verbally abused and yelled at and no actions were taken but giving in to the patient’s unruly behaviors. Luckily my shift was over after an hour of dealing with a packed Emergency Department with over 20 patients in the lobby and no beds available for this patient. We were attempting to get her evaluated and then moved to a bed in the Emergency Department. I want to feel safe and protected at work and I don’t want to fear going into work. My initial project idea was to have a zero-tolerance policy and have these patients in any shape or form taken off hospital grounds and I know this sounds cruel but the violence has to stop. This idea seemed doable at the time but due to multiple issues, patients cannot be removed from a hospital if medical care is needed. I have learned that workplace violence has to be taken seriously and professionally. With the current research that I have collected, policy assessments and current policies in place; I have learned that a policy is only a guide and that real-life situations/scenarios happen. My intent now is to revise current policies in place, add educational tools and training and improve our “Code Grey” response with inter collaboration. These changes may be minor but if I can help save one health care provider’s life, the fight will be worth it.

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