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The following are questions to encourage you to think about your assigned readings (and lecture). Your essays should reflect, insofar as possible, your own ideas, analyses, etc. You should rely primarily on the works assigned in class. Do not forget to make references wherever appropriate. Be comprehensive in your answers. I shall be looking for your ability to synthesize material, to be critical, and to be original. Use the questions below as outline to your answer.

1. (8 P) How and why Korean immigrants came to be the most entrepreneurial ethnicity? Include the debate over the sources of Korean American entrepreneurship.

2. (10 P) A. Draw upon DY Kim’s article, “The Pursuit of Elite High Schools and Colleges among Second-Generation Korean Americans” and my lecture notes on Educational Practices. How do Korean American family and community emphasize the educational performance and career choice of college students. Provide concrete examples of such practices. 

B. Drawing upon Lew’s article: “A Structural Analysis of Success and Failure of Asian Americans,” explain why there is a wide range in educational experience among Korean American youth. 

3. (12 P) 

Use the following two articles. Discuss both the strengths and weaknesses of each article. How could each article be improved? 

• Kim, Sharon: “Shifting Boundaries within Second-Generation Korean American Churches”

• Min, Pyong Gap and Dae Young Kim: “Intergenerational Transmission of Religion and Culture’

4. (14 P) The Los Angeles Civil Unrest in spring 1992 were among the most violent and destructive events in twentieth-century urban America. 

A. Use my article, “Changing the Business Plan” and Grace Lee’s new multi- media project K-TOWN’92: http://ktown92.com/ 

What were some of the ways Korean immigrant merchants in South Central experienced the Unrest? 

• Park, Kyeyoung, 6. Changing the Business Plan: Korean Merchants Try to Reintegrate into South Central Community. In LA Rising: Korean Relations with Blacks and Latinos after Civil Unrest. (Book Manuscript) 

B. Since 1992, how have Korean Americans’ racial relations with Blacks and Latinos transformed? In what ways? Use the following two articles. 

• Park, Kyeyoung. 2012. An Analysis of Latino-Korean Relations in the Workplace: Latino Perspectives in the Aftermath of the 1992 Los Angeles Civil Unrest. Amerasia Journal 38 (1): 143-169.  

• Park, Kyeyoung. The Racial Cartography of Post-Unrest LA (Book Manuscript)  5. (6 P)  We had a guest speaker, Alice Lee, an Immigrant Rights Youth Organizer from the Korean Resource Center. How would you recap her talk about KRC’s advocacy for DACA and the DREAM Act?


We had a guest speaker, Alice Lee, an Immigrant Rights Youth Organizer from the Korean Resource Center. How would you recap her talk about KRC’s advocacy for DACA and the DREAM Act?

You must cite and also use quotation marks especially when you quote directly from a source, including from the internet. -(In using class materials), make sure to acknowledge any sources by citing or properly quoting. 

Since it is an exam, you should refrain from using material outside the class. I may consider using the Turnitin plagiarism detection system. 

No need to type the exam questions as long as you indicate which question you are answering. -Make sure to type all the answers in double space and 12 font format (in WORD file). -Your final exam shall amount to 8-9 pages. Going beyond the page limit may lose you some points. -Make sure to include the bibliography at the end (Your 8-9 page limit do not include a works cited page.). 

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