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Writers Chalet has two primary writing groups which include regulars and premiums writers. The premium group of writers craft the orders starting with a minimum rate of $5.50 USD cost per page and this can level up to 17.00 USD. The regular’s writer’s group category earns a minimum rate per page from $4 USD and upwards. To join this community of writing professionals, one is required to write at least ten orders successfully completed with a positive feedback from the clients.

Writers Chalet payments are paid twice in a month, this is on the first day of the month and the fifteenth day of the month. The company holds the right to hold your earnings for two weeks so that we may have a feedback from the customer upon completion of the order.

The writers are expected to honor the proposed deadlines, the original paper instructions, possible revision requests, revision instructions, and of course the revision time limit. We also require total professionalism of work ethics and adherence of our rules. This is highly encouraged for the writers to receive their compensation on time.

When registering at Writers Chalet website we shall define your writing level from the results received from a passing grade in our writer skill test. On the onset of working with Writers Chalet after the test result, you will be limited on the number of orders you can take at a time. When passing the test please do your very best to show your expertise which in turn will raise your level.

After a set period of time at the sole discretion of our agency, a writer level can be upgraded after showing improvement  in their performance. The writers upgrade depends on numerous factors such as; client positive feedback, size of completed orders, reports from quality assurance department, processed order volume and plagiarism reports. Upon taking of an order you automatically concur with all the instruction instituted in the order. Once the writer has been assigned an order the price cannot be increased.